CBC News · Posted: Oct 28, 2022
CBC News has learned the circumstances surrounding an indigenous person who died after being admitted in the ER. Her death is under investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia. Denny, an Eskasoni, N.S., elder and fluent Mi'kmaw speaker, was examined by an emergency room doctor. She was treated poorly and did not receive adequate care. "In conclusion, there are reasonable grounds to conclude that the facility failed to provide adequate care based on the lack of documentation to support [the] facility's policies in response to the affected patient's unwitnessed fall”. Was Denny’s ethnicity what caused her death? Would a white woman have been attended to differently? Were prejudice and discriminations the cause of her neglect? Denny was left to die alone, when Indigenous people’s way of life rely so much on community and being surrounded by loved ones. This was denied to her. Many questions remain unanswered.
Indigenous people are often disregarded, not heard. In the poem by Leanne Simpson, I am Graffiti, Indigenous people are being discriminated.