• Am I Native Enough?


Tribal Trade Co.

Are you feeling disconnected from your culture and thought, am I Native enough? A variety of factors can cause us to feel disconnected from our Native culture. Are you a Native American or a part of the North American natives that might have to think of your skin as “too light” or you haven’t spent much time around other indigenous people throughout your life? Many natives and first nations people have been disconnected from their indigenous culture at an early age. The first nations and indigenous people has been through a lot of factors that caused this disconnection. But the indigenous teachings lives on and a lot of people still practice indigenous practices. Always remember that you are still indigenous and it's never too late to reconnect to your native culture or indigenous culture and and rediscover your native heritage and revisit your cultural teachings. No matter what you look like or what “percentage” Native you are, you are still indigenous. Belonging is about more than your DNA, it’s about who you believe in and who believes in you in return; it’s about what you value and what community you feel most at home in. I hope this helps you feel more confidently connected to your culture and have the tools to help yourself through your feelings. #indigenousteachings #aminativeenough #knowingyourself