I found this interesting news article covering a new "culteral safety and humanity standard" beign applied in Britsh Columbia to help prevent racism among Indigenous health care patients. This new health document is meant to be a tool for health care facilities to self-assess and make changes to ensure the comfort and saftey of Indigenous patients across the province. When reading Tommy Oranges There There we saw multiple of the character experience health issues or saw someone close to them with health issues. While it may not be the main argument he intended to make with his novel, it is a reality that he brings forwards. As a result of colonization and intergenerational trauma, many indigenous people face subtance abuse themselves or in their families. Health care is not just about addiction, it is a basic human right and should be easily accessable and comfortable for all to experience.

Link to the article: https://thetyee.ca/News/2022/12/08/New-Tool-To-End-Racism-Against-Indigenous-Patients/