I completely agree with consulting with an indigenous support specialist before I plan to teach indigenous perspectives in my practicum.

I find myself constantly at war with an internal battle regarding my ancestry. I am Metis but I often get questioned and dismissed because I do not look indigenous. As much as it bothers me, I also understand that I may be encroaching on a territory I am not qualified for, and that is teaching indigenous ways of life. I wonder if I should share that side of me with my students, even though my blue eyes and lighter skin may confuse them too.

Now that I have expressed a bit of my background, here is a list of the boundaries I am concerned about:
1. Beading: can I teach my students the Cree beading my family taught me as a child at a Powwow?
2. Can I teach my students what my family taught me about the Medicine Circle?
3. Is sharing my personal heritage and family story beneficial or unprofessional?
4. My Grandma has offered to come in and speak to my students, and I am curious if involving family is inappropriate?
5. Can I use sharing circles in my teaching frequently without overstepping?
6. Can I share stories and lessons passed down? Lessons about the land, tales, and symbols.