137 years began the Red River Rebellion led by Louis Riel, a man who fought for freedom and died a "traitor" for wanting the metis and the native population to be recognized and given rights.

Earlier this year there was a different type of protests focusing on a different definition of rights demands. their preferred form of protests were to sit in trucks, pollute areas with revving engines and honking horns at all hours. And for what? Not wanting medicine and wearing masks which they view to be a violation of their rights. With this form of protest they made the problems they were arguing were causing issues even worse by their protests.

in comparison to various Native groups dealing with their own forms of rights violations. From land rights being reneged upon for government usages such as for fossil fuels acquisition or transportation projects.

One of the biggest offences is the province of British Columbia, which is 95% unceded lands. it is quite vexing to compare the different reasons of fighting for rights and what they deem as what rights encompass to which groups.